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Sintra Antique Handpainted, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Turkish, World Designs, Custom Painted Traditional Decorative Tiles
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We paint on two size ceramic tiles: 6x6” (15cm) and 5,5x5,5” (14cm) and half borders are painted on half size tiles.

There are basic three types of finishes that have different final appearances.

The Basic tile, is least expensive and since the tile is lighter in weight is also the least expensive to ship.
The Rustic tile is a heavier tile with uneven surface. The colors are more vibrant, and the final look is more of a period like tile.

The Antique Look tile is a hand made tile with a bushed hammed finish. It ages well and is particularly suitable for special effects on fountains or other exterior projects.

shipping and payments
All samples are charged, but may be returned for a refund or credit on placing a confirmed order.

Confirmed orders are placed by payment of 50% of the full value of the order plus additional expenses such as freight and packaging.

Balance is due when order is about to be shipped.
Shipments of BASIC hand painted tiles are normally within 14 days from receipt of confirmed order.
For other more elaborate finishes delivery may be up to 4 weeks.



clients comments

Reverend William Skilton from Charleston, SC ,USA
“Thank you for your help with our kitchen. The tiles are beautiful And we are overjoyed how this project turned out.”

Jenny Smith Gardens , Melbourne , Australia
“Dear Alvaro,
We are delighted to announce that we have taken delivery of the tiles . They surpass our expectations and we hope our client loves them as much as we do.”

Lucila Schmitz , Miami , USA
“Como lo ofreci les mando estas fotos de mi nueva cocina. Se ve muy linda con los tiles que compre en su tienda.”

Jason & Rachel Hildebrandt Los Angeles CA

“We received the tiles . They are beautiful and hope we can do our kitchen soon.”

Amy Grant,Orlando Florida USA

“Hi there,
We did receive the tiles okay…and they are beautiful.
Thanks again and they are very pretty….so we are very pleased with the way they look and know they will be beautiful.”

Wendy B. Morgan, Atlanta , GA, USA
“We received the tiles.. they look beautiful, many thanks”

Jane Smith
New Canaan, CT , US
Thank you for you help . We plan to do our next project with you

Madam C.Vorbes, Port au Prince, Haiti
We love your tiles.. we have them throughout our home and garden.

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